Jul 28, 2016

Our Best Vacation

Scrapbook Layout - Our Best Vacation -

Hi all!,

With the summer season in mind, I have been inspired to document memories of our trips.  This time i choose to document our beach vacation in Ecuador, and how we had the resort just to ourselves for a week.   

To start, I created the title cut file for this layout, and you can get a copy by following this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqcaz1sdkm37q50/VACATION.studio3?dl=0   or at Scrapbook Nerd store.   Once, I cut the title on white cardstock, I used PinkFresh studio's Life Noted collection to back them up.

I love large titles (and this one was created to be a stand alone title)

I wanted to emphasize the picture, as it depicts the beauty of the resort, and our private vacation, so I printed as a 8.5x11in  photo, and frame it with pieces from the same paper collection

a close up to the picture.

 I added a few details from the  leftover Clique Kits' Raskog Kit, and finished it by hiding the journal behind the picture.   Here is the final layout.

Please help yourself to a copy of the title cutfile,  if you have any problems with the download, just contact me, and i will email it to you.

Till next time, 

Happy Crafting!

Materials Used:
Patterned Papers,  Pinkfresh Studio Life Noted Collection
Wood pieces,  Jillibean Soup's Healthy Hello collection wood pieces
Rubber pieces and gold puffy stickers,  Pink Fresh studio's Life Noted collection
Cut-outs -  Clique Kits Raskog Kit
cut file - VACATION (https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqcaz1sdkm37q50/VACATION.studio3?dl=0)

Reading Queen

Scrapbook Layout  - Reading Queen -  created for Scrapbook Nerd

a close up of the title of the layout.

hello everyone,

It is my reveal week at Scrapboook Nerd ;  and i was inspired by @heyelsie (her IG name) and her love for creting figures with paper and handstitching -two of my favorite techniques-.     At the same time, I had pictures of my niece reading books on my son's bunk bed (this is what she does everytime she comes over), so I decided to combine both to create a soft layout.

For the layout, i used this illustration as my starting point for the look I wanted to achieve.  The entire drawing was transferred onto trace paper (just using a pencil and bright light).   I chose all Crate Paper's Bloom collection to recreate the books, and add softness to the layout.  Each little silhouette was traced onto the paper and glued into position following the illustration on trace paper (it looked like a big puzzle).

Once everything was glued to the mat, i used a paper piercer to make perforation along the edges of each line in the illustration.  There were a few hours of hand stitching adding the details to the books.  In addition, I used my Cameo to draw the title, so I can also hand stitch it at the same time.  I used ivory thread to complete the look.
Here is a look at the pieces coming together.

I used parts of the branding strips to create the names on the book's binding.

Using the Illustration as a guideline, I placed my picture where the cat illustration was located.  I added a few pieces of ephemera around so that it adds some interest to the picture.

I recreated the bookmark using some crochet floss, a charm and gold links..

I wanted to add interest to the books' spines, so I fussy cut pieces of the collection to add 'names' on the books.  I used some hand stitching to  attached the pieces to the layout.

This little cut-outs served to add details on the layout.

To finish the page, I added the journal notes at thee bottom of the page, and a few drops of Blush colorshine.  Here is the final layout:

this layout is soft and sweet..

I love the final look of this layout,  one of my favorites by far (though it took some time to create, I enjoyed putting it together).

As always let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!!

Materials Used:
Patterned papers -Afternoon, Delighted, Little Bird, Sunlit, Lizzy, Sweet Rose - Bloom Collection, Crate Paper
Wood Pieces,  Fancy Free collection, Pink Paislee
Ephemera, clear stickers, puffy stickers, Bloom Collection, Crate Paper
Ephemera, C'est La Vie collection, Pink Paislee
Word Phrase Stickers, Felicity collection, Pinkfresh Studio
Colorshine -Blush-  Heidi Swapp

Jul 27, 2016

These Boys Rule!

Scrapbook Layout created for Scrapbook Nerd  - These Boys Rule! -

a close up of the layout

Hi there!,

 As my reveal week continues, I am bringing you a layout that has a bit of me, and a lot of my son's ideas in it...  Yes!  I chose to scrapbook along with my teenage son (I know it sounds weird, and yes it wasn't easy!)since this is his picture, and the only memory we have of his Grade 9 High school retreat.

I am drawn to large titles, and since the picture is full of color, I have chosen to use the Cut Shoppe's Open Letter Alpha cutfile to create the title.  I backed the letters with Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection papers.

This title uses a lot of the project's area.

Before gluing down the title, a small amount of whipped spackle mixed with Liquitex Teal acrylic Ink was applied to  the mat (Pink Paislee's Fancy Free collection paper) using a cross stencil from Heidi Swapp collection.

A close up to the picture

I added the picture  layered with pieces of paper from the Amy Tangerine collection and cut-outs , created using the May Mash-Up cut file from the Cut Shoppe-.  A few clusters were added around the page to create interest on the picture.   Finally I added a few lines of journal and some final details.  Here is the completed layout:

I had fun creating this layout, and following some of the ideas my son had...  I hope this inspires to use a large title as a focus point on your layouts.

Let me know if you have any question about this layout.

See you around!!

Materials used:
Cut files - The Cut Shoppe

Patterned papers - Amy Tangerine Better Together collection
Patterned paper - layout mat - Pink Paislee's Fancy Free Collection #05
Wood pieces - Pink Paislee's Fancy Free collection
Stickers - Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection
                Simple Stories' Heart collection
Chipboard stickers - Pinkfresh Studio's Life Noted collection.

Jul 26, 2016


Scrapbook Layout  - Create - 

Hello everyone!,

A close up of the cut-out in the layout.

Today I am up at the Scrapbook Nerd blog with a tech tutorial on how to use their new Camp Glamp cutfile (design by The Cut Shoppe) to creat the cut-out used in this layout -all you have to do is click here and you will be directed to their web page-.  Check out the blog post as it will inspire you to look at cutfiles in a new light.

I cut the heart outlines on patterned paper from the Snap Basic collection from Simple Stories.  I knew i wanted to use this paper for the entire layout, so I used some mixed media to highlight the cut-out.  So i went ahead and used watercolors (all the colors of the rainbow) to create a mixed media background.

I played with different papers, and yellow cardstock was the best choice
to back the cut.

The background was glued to the wood grain paper, making sure that the watercolor sit within the cut hearts' outline.  With a paper piercer, i perforated the entire outline of the cut (leaving a 0.25 in.offset fromt he cut), and proceeded to stitch the entire outline using the different color thread (all rainbow colors in pastel tones). 

A close up of the stitching on the project.

Some vellum was used to back the word CREATE in the middle heart.  I used my gold paint marker to color both sides of the cut-out letters.  Once the paint dried completely,  i used  very thin scissors to cut all the vellum that did was peeking behind the letters.

the gold accent brings focus to the word "CREATE" which serves as the
title for this layout.

The hearts cutout was attached to the layout using foam dots behind the cut-out (hence providing that shadow).   I added small pieces of ephemera in the hearts to create some visuals around the page.

i continued the stitched motive by stitching the journal lines, and some of the
butterflies using the sewing machine.

I started this layout with a picture in mind, and changed it once the background was created.  I opted for a self portrait of me working on this layout.  The picture was attached to a few layers of patterned paper and added a few embelishments around the corners.

the cut-out was created, so that it will nest a picture next to the heart with the word.

To balance the layout, a small cluster of cut-outs and die cuts was positioned at the bottom left corner of the page.   Once this was attached,   a few sprinkles of gold ink, enamel dots and all the butterflies were added to the page.  Here is the complete layout:

This is one of my favorite layers  of this year so far.

I hope you hop onto the Scrapbook Nerd website and get a copy of the cut file (it is free in the store, just need to create an account;  and the  ladies that own the store are lovely), and then visit their blog to see how to manipulate the cutfile to create this cut-out.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, just leave me a message.

Till next time

Happy Crafting!!

Materials Used
Yellow Cardstock, American Crafts
Cut file  - Scrapbook Nerd

Heidi Swapp Colorshine, gold, pink, peacock, mustard,violet, green, mint
Layout paper - Aspen/White,  Sn@p! Basics,  Simple Stories
Patterned paper - Afternoon, Flutter, Blossom- Bloom collection, Crate Paper
Ephemera,  Bloom collection, Crate Paper
                         Cest la vie, Pink Paisle
                         Chipboard icons, MInc collection
Stickers, chipboard - Bloom Collection, Crate Paper
                   word phrases - Felicity Collection, Pinkfresh Studio

Jul 25, 2016

Sun Sand Fun

Scrapbook Layout  - Sun Sand Fun -

Hello all!,

I have been hard at work with the new cut file, Beach Bound from Scrapbook Nerd.  This cut file designed by the Cut Shoppe is available for free at the store (just follow this link), and it is perfect for documenting all those summer memories at the beach.  So hop to the store and get your free copy.

For this layout, I combined the cut file and the lovely Simple Stories' Sunshine and Happiness collection.   Here is a small video on how the layout was created (i prefer not to do a voice over, since after 25 years of speaking both Spanish and English at home, the accents are still present on both languages), enjoy:

 To start, i used an exacto knife to cut around the edges of the  flowers (being careful not to detach them from the page), and used fussy cut flowers from other paper in the collection, to create a large floral corner in the layout.

The dimension on the cut-outs creates great interest in the page.

I used the cut file to create the title for the piece.  Once cut, i used a light coat of shimmer watercolor  and then attached them to the mat.  I continued to pierced the edges of the words, and handstitched the title using matching embroidery thread.

I documented some of the pictures of my daughter's trip to LA a few years ago.  It was her first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.   I layered the pictures with some of the 3x4in cards in the collection and added some interest with some ephemera.  To create the "sun clip", i used the cutfile, and just color the cut-out with watercolor.

A close up to the pictures in the layout.

To finished the layout, I added some enamel dots, small pieces of ephemera, and my journal lines.  Here is the final layout:

I really love this cut file, and how it worked in this layout.   

As always let me know if you have any questions about the layout.   Don't forget to visit the Scrapbook Nerd Store to get the cut file..  It's free!!.

Till next time!!

Happy Scrapping...

Materials Used

Cut file:  Beach Bound,  Scrapbook Nerd
Patterned Papers:  Sunshine and Happiness collection - Simple Stories
Paper clip -  Freckled Fawn
Ephemera, and stickers -  Sunshine and Happiness collection - Simple Stories
Puffy dot stickers -  Life is Beautiful collection - Fancy pants
White Cardstock -- American Crafts.

Hello Life

Scrapbook Layout  created for Scrapbook Nerd  - Hello Life -

A peek at the layout

Hello everyone!,

Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing and crafting summer season.  I love summer (though it is a short season), all the sunny mornings and late nights provide the  perfect opportunities to capture memories.  As my reveal week begins over at Scrapbook Nerd,  I chose to document memories of my daughter's first attempt at zip-lining a few years ago.

Barb and Joy at Scrapbook Nerd (visit the store or forum, these ladies are a pleasure to work with) were kind enough to special order the new Simple Stories collection, 'Sunshine and Happiness' for me.   The papers are gorgeous, and so suited to showcase sunny happy memories. 

The background for the layout.  After stitching the pieces, i raised the edges of the sunburst pieces.
For this layout, i used the Shine Bright paper (it has a large sunburst design) to create the background.  I started by cutting half the paper, and then using an exacto knife, i cut along the lines of the sunburst, making sure that only every other piece was attached to the cut-out.  I glued the sun cut-out to the mat, and also added the cut-out pieces making sure they were placed on the opposite side to the cut.  I gessoed the middle part of the page, and used Heidi Swapp color shine in various colors to create some mixed media on the page.  After it had dried, I used yellow thread to stitch the pieces through  along the middle line, extending it to the other end of  the layout.

a close up of the picture clusters

The picture was placed in the center of the layout.  i used papers from the collection to form the layers behind the picture, and added clusters of ephemera to the corners of picture.

The title of the layout

The title was created using the Say Anything cut file from The Cut Shoppe.  I used papers from the collection to back the letters of the word LIFE.  To emphasize the title, a few pieces of ephemera were added, as well as a small wood piece -arrow- that was painted using gelatos.

the completed layout

We are in love with the finished layout, as it captures the happy moment with such vibrancy.  I am  in love with this collection, and plan to use it all.

As always, let me  know if you have any questions abou this or any other post.  Visit Scrapbook Nerd  to check what the ladies have in the store, and/or the website forum to join us in our summer fun.

Till next time,  Happy crafting!

Materials Used:
Patterned paper - Sunshine and Happiness, Simple Stories
Ephemera pack - Sunshine and Happiness, Simple Stories
Cut file - Say Anything,  The Cut Shoppe

Color shine, seafoam, coral, butter, mustard, pink , Heidi Swapp
Wood pieces - Healthy Hello Collection, Jillibean Soup

Jul 23, 2016


Scrapbook Layout  - Mom -   created for Scrapbook Nerd's Summer Camp.

The title of the layout

Hello all!

 We are in full Summer Camp over at Scrapbook Nerd;  for the past weeks all our members (you can join us, just click on this link http://scrapbooknerd.com/ to be taken to the website, all information is on the forum or at the Facebook page)  have been challenged to create projects based on Summer camp ideas.  They have the entire summer to finish and upload them to the site.

This layout is all about "LET IT SHINE" -the name of my challenge-,  as i used lots of shiny stuff to create it.   I had this idea for the layout, since the day I took the picture, so it came together rather fast.    It all started after I foiled a Heidi Swapp MInc collection paper.  The paper was then cut into even strips of about 0.6 in.  The strips were then attached in sequential order using the sewing machine onto patterned paper.

After stitching, both edges were slightly raised  on each of the strips.

The strips were placed so that there was a 4 in gap on the middle of the page.  Here I placed the picture, surrounded by lots of glittery flowers and leaves.  Some ephemera was tucked in between the flowers;  a few word stickers were also added to the picture.  For the title, i used a cut file from Studio Calico;  this time i printed it and trace it straight onto vellum and color it with a gold paint marker.

I added some gold centers to the flowers using a bit of gold paint

To create a visual triangle, a smal cluster of tags and ephemera was added to the top left corner of the page (i added my journal in one of the tags in the cluster).  Since the paper strips lift up,  the cluster was tucked in the strips.

I used gold as the main focus color of this layout.

Finally, I added a few butterfly cut outs, a few drops of black liquid ink, and  made sure all the strips were slightly creased.  Here is the completed layout:

Though it is full of shiny elements, they workin harmony due to the choice of color.

I really like how the layout turn out at the end, and it fits the "Make it Shine" theme perfectly.
If you would like to join the challenge, head over to http://scrapbooknerd.com/.

As always let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!!

Materials Used:
Floral patterned paper,  MInc Collection, Heidi Swapp
Champagne Foil, MInc Collection, Heidi Swapp
Cut file - Mom,  Studio Calico
Patterned paper, layout mat - Hello Today Collection, Heidi Swapp
Floral cut outs - Ephemera pack, Open Book Collection, Maggie Holmes, Crate Paper
Ephemera - Market Street collection, and  All Things Gold collection ,  My Mind's Eye
Chipboard Sticker,  Me and my Big Ideas collection
Word Stickers,  Heidi Swapp Memory Planner collection, and Soft Spoken collection -MAMBI
Cut-outs - Flutter patterned paper, Bloom Collection, Crate Paper

Jul 22, 2016

Here There Everywhere

Scrapbook Layout for The Cut Shoppe   - Here There Everywhere -

Hello all,

I am up on The Cut Shoppe's blog with my second design team project (it is slowly sinking in that I am in the design team)...  For this layout, I chose to document one of the many trips we have taken our kids on.  Once I saw the new Go My Way cut file, I knew it would be perfect to create  a compass as a main focus on my layout.  So I welded to the Star Light Star Bright cut file to obtained my shape, though I cut the entire shape, I am only using three quarters of the cut file on this layout.

I wanted to bring subtle color to the page, so I backed the cut-out with vellum, and created a watercolor rainbow effect on waterpaper using watercolor paint.

 I attached the cut-out to using glue foam dots, so that there is dimension on the piece.

The black and white picture of my family is framed by clusters of  ephemera and cut-outs from Shimelle's Starshine collection and Amy Tangerine's Sticker collection.

For the title of this layout, I used the Here There Everywhere  cut file.  I set the Cameo to perforate the edge, instead of cutting it off.  I back stitched the shape using embroidery thread of the same color as the compass shape.  

the title of the layout

Finally, I added my lines of journal on the bottom of the page, and scattered star shaped sequin along the page.  Here is the final result.

the completed layout

I really love this page, and it was so easy to construct it.

As always leave a message, if you have any questions about this layout.

See you soon!!

Materials Used:

Patterned Paper,  Starshine collection,  Shimelle
Stickers, chipboard stickers, and cut outs, Starshine collection, Shimelle
Flair Button, Starshine collection, Shimelle
Stickers,  Better Together collection. Amy Tangerine
Watercolor paint,  Artist Loft, Michaels