May 26, 2018

On The Go - Junque Journal

Junque Journal entry for Vicki Boutin DT  - ON THE GO -

Hi there!  It has been a while since I shared a new entry of my Junque Journal.  But to be honest it is my first time working with this format, and I love it!  My approach is that of a mix between art journal and scrapbook page.  So with that being said, let me show you how I created this entry:

For this entry, I am using one of the Junque Journal’s Mixed Media paper inserts, and   gesso just the inside of the insert. 

I wanted to create a heart made up of blocks, so I pulled a cut file from JustNick Studio, and cut it from a foundation paper.  I used this heart as a guideline when creating the background.   Using a pencil, I lightly marked the corners of the heart on the insert, and then used a stencil brush, the script stencil, and art crayons to add the first layer to the background.  Once I was happy with the inside heart, I used a baby wipe to clean up the stencil on the cover flap of the insert, so that I can have a unified idea throughout the project.

Next, using the heart cut out as a stencil, I dragged Matte Acrylic gel on top of the stenciled script background, and set it aside to dry completely.

Once the gel dried completely, a baby wipe was used to take away some of the extra art crayon that surrounds the stenciled heart.  The baby wipe does not completely take the color away, but it does soften the color and definition of the script. Then this was set aside to dry.

Now it is time to add a bit of color to the page, so I diluted Blue Hawaiian, and Juicy Pear acrylic pop paints with water, and used a brayer to move the color around the insert.  I chose to keep most of the blue to the side where the heart is placed.    Once the paint was on, I used a baby wipe to clean the paint off the heart’s blocks, so that the paint only rests on the groves between the blocks.

Once the paint dried completely, I used Vicki’s markers to add extra definition and shading around the cut out.  This makes the heart details just pop from the page.

To finish the inside of the insert, the same cut out was used to add another heart to the inside flap of the insert.   This time, I used a bit of art crayon and the stencil brush to create the design in the flap.

Now that the entire inside of the insert was completed, I set it aside to dry and set for just a little bit before tackling the front flap of this insert.  Got to love all the texture and colors of the inside part of this entry.

I kept the front flap pretty simple, so first I added some stamping to the already stenciled script background.    The circle stamp and the brushstroke phrases in the set were added to the paper using the cool wheel ink set. 

Next, I used art crayons and the stencil brush to add color to the cut out, trimmed to fit the flap, and then used glue to attach it to the stamped page.   The title of the project was then added using the Chipboard alpha and glitter foam thickers from the All the Good Things collection.

To finish this page, I used ephemera and rub ons to add some interest to the inside of the insert’s flap.   I also added my lines of journal here.

Next I used some ephemera and frames to add some interest to the picture before gluing it complete to the blocked heart.   A combination of cardstock and watercolor stickers create a small cluster at the bottom of the picture which is enough to complete this page.
I honestly started this page with no plan in mind, just to play with mediums, and ended up with a pretty cool looking page.  The following video will give you a better look at how this was created.

I hope this inspires you to pull your Vicki Boutin’s products and play with them.   Sometimes inspiration just comes when you start playing with the mediums.
As always let me know if you have questions on how this came together, and don’t forget to pick up Vicki’s products.  They are amazing!


Materials Used:
All the Good Things Collection:
Ephemera pack – icons and frames
Finishing embellishments
Cardstock stickers
Watercolor stickers
Chipboard Alphas
Glitter foam thickers

Mixed Media collection:
Foundation paper
Junque Journal
Mixed media inserts for Junque Journal
Art Crayon – cool and neutral sets
Matte Acrylic Gel
Water brushes
Acrylic Pop Paint – Iced Daiquiri and Juicy Pear
Script Stencil
Stencil Brushes
Stamp and Die set – circles
Color wheel – cool set

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