May 1, 2018

My Personal Journal - Week 16

HI there!

It has been a while since i have shared updates of my Personal Journal.  Trust me  it is up to date, I am documenting daily, just life has taken a large turn in our lives, and we were thrown for a loop, and are still recovering it.

Still through the good and the bad, i am still taking those few minutes to record the story of the day (and a few more) on my TN.  Here are week 16 entries:

I gotta say that i am loving all my Citrus Twist Kits PL kit and the new digital files ( the hybrid scrapbooker in me loves them), but i have also added the new 3x8 cards from in a creative bubble to the mix, and i love how easy this format is to work with.

In addition. i started wotking with the new Prima inserts, and love them , though i do miss having the pages unbound.  Instead now the booklet is sewn together, which is saving me from doing it ( it is not that easy when your TN is being worked on!)

I hope you are taking the time to document your every day , regardless of the format.  The past few weeks in our household have been hard, but i have been going back to my pictures to relive moments and feelings.  So take a few or lots of pictures of the little moments.   They matter!!!

as always let me know if you have questions on how this came together.

Take care!

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