Jan 18, 2016

My Week in Pictures

01-14-16  The pictures prompt is "A TREASURE"...
My late grandmother's wooden spoon and her reflection..

My Favorite pictures of the week

I take a lot of pictures each week,  not just for my Capture Your 365 (a photo-a-day challenge), but because i enjoy capturing my life... There are days that i don't feel like taking pictures, but i push myself to do it as a part of completing the challenge (one of my to-do list bullets).  Other days, I will take 50 pictures of my kids, my dog, my husband, food, etc... Regardless,  I have promised myself that i will commit to at least one photo a day, so I will start sharing some of my favorites for the week..

01-11-16... The prompt for the picture was Complementary (color).
This is part of my lunch for the day

My doggie loves the camera, and he usually poses when he hears, "Picture", here is an example..

01-17-16... The prompt for the picture was Natural Light .

Not all my pictures are part of my photo a day challenge (it you want to see more of my challenge pictures go to my Instagram account -@tachita55 or look for #nath_CY365project).  My teenage son doesn't like the camera, so I usually have to sneak around him to catch a picture or 2 of him...  Here is my fave of the week:

01-17-16... Joshua checking game scores, while waiting for the next soccer game to come on tv.

I shoot most of my pictures with my Nikon D3200,  and use Adobe Lightroom to process them after, but i also use my phone's camera or my ipad to capture my everyday... I really suggest that you try capturing a little moment of your life 365 days a year, in this case 366..

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