Jan 20, 2016

Lovely Mail

Snail-Mail is back...

When I started the photography challenge last October,  I realized many of the photographers used books as props in their pictures.  Once this year started, the first prompt (of the challenge) brought out beautiful pictures of books of many kinds, so Beth Lind (@bethlind67)  posted the idea of creating a book club to whoever would be interested.  Of course, I signed in...

As the IG Book Club formed, one of the members, Sandee Jones (@sandeejones) began collecting the members names and addresses, so we could communicate outside of IG.  Sandee, obviously went above and beyond creating the list, and sent everyone a beautiful bookmark as a token of her generosity and a representation of herself...

My  IG Book Club 2016 Bookmark (Courtesy of Sandee Jones)

The Back of the Bookmark

In this day and age when mail is becoming a thing of the past,  to receive such LOVELY mail restores the soul, and reaffirms my faith in humanity.  I look forward to the many correspondence we will exchange through the year, and hopefully for a lifetime.  My hope is one day to be able to meet her and Beth in person, and talk about books...  For now all I can say is, "THANK YOU SANDEE for the lovely mail!!".

Now,  what do I do with such lovely mail; I photograph it, safe keep it, and create a scrapbook page to highlight its beauty so I can cherish it forever.  The ideas are already bubbling in my head.

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