Mar 7, 2018

My Personal Journal - week 9

Hi there!

It is March, and hopefully the weather will start to change soon.  Winter has been way too cold and long for us here in Canada!  But even documenting the bad weather is a good way to tell your story. 

I am so happy to still be keeping my visual journal.  I have started my 4 TN with March, and still want to combine picture and words to reflect on each day's happenings.  Here are week 9 entries:

I am using a combination of Citrus Twist Kits and stamps along with my beloved Simple Stories goodies to create the first three entries of the week.   The empty page is actually worked out, but i cannot share yet what happened on the day... soon!!!

I think I love having hidden journal spots here and there, but creating this little envelope is one of my fave ways to add my journal!   Once again all the papers stamps and embellishments come from different CTK kits.

The beauty of this format, is that i can easily add lots of journal in one spot.  The last page of the week is all about my grandmother who would have turned 89 on March 4th, unfortunately she is no longer here, but i had to put it in paper how much she is loved and will always be. 

I hope you are also taking the time to capture and document your every day!  Trust me, it is a good habit to keep up, especially when you want to tell your story in your own way.

That is all for me!

See you all next week

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