Feb 16, 2018

Junque Journal - Vicki Boutin DT

Hi there!
Nathalie with you today bringing you a look at one of my newer color adventures of 2018:  My Junque Journal. 

I have always been curious about these little gems, and now that I get to work with them, I can say they can quickly become very addicting.   I want to show you what  I am doing to my Art Junk Journal using  Vicki’s All The Good Things collection and mediums.

I decoupaged the cover of the journal usingacrylic matte gel, and a piece of paper from the 12x12  All the Good Things collection paper pad.  Once the medium had dried, a bit of gesso was added with a brush as to create a soft shadow/haze on the page.  

Next, it was time to embellish  -since the background reminded me of a graffiti wall- I chose to add  some colour using the butterfly stencil,  the stencil brushes and some art crayons.  Colors were placed in order as to form a sort of rainbow;  this took no time as application of color with the brushes is so easy and rapid.  To finish, a bit of gold glaze was added through the scribbled lines stencil, and then the word “ARTE”  (Art in Spanish) was added  to complete the look.

But since we are talking about  covers, I also went ahead and created the cover page of my journal.     It all started as a few lines of the script stamp were added to the bottom corner of the page.  To create a distress look to the page,  a bit of gesso was added so that it created a few groves on the page.  

The inspiration for the colors was a sunset, so a few lines of Art crayons were scribbled on the page;  a baby wipe was used to diffuse the color on the page.   The little grooves of gesso are what create those deeper shaded areas in the page.  

To maximize the color in this page, the entire page was sealed with Acrylic matte gel, and a thick brush (this will add more texture to the page).   Then the art crayon process was repeated once again. To finish the page, a few Sunburst circles were added using gold ink, followed by a sentiment and a few butterflies.

I love how this page came together! And I can easily say this little journal may be one of my newest addictions.  Here is a more in depth look of how this page came together:

I hope you are all inspired to check out the amazing All The Good Things collection.  The papers are colorful, and all the mediums are a dream to work with.  Let me know if you have any questions on how this came together.

Take care,

Materials Used:
Junque Journal
Junque Journal Mixed Media paper inserts
Acrylic Matte Gel
Art Crayons – all sets
Stencil brushes
Watercolor brushes
Gold Glaze
12x12 All The Good Things paper pad
All the Good Things Collection stamp set 1, 2, 3,
All The Good Things collection stencil 1, 2
Color Wheel – warm tones

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