Apr 11, 2016

My week in pictures #14

My entry for PRECIOUS on my Capture your 365 Photo-a-Day challenge.
He is my most precious gift...

Hello everyone,

It has been a busy week in my household.  God has been good -as always- and we all have been blessed with a peaceful and cherished week...  As always -and not just because I follow a Photo-a-Day challenge-,  there are a lot of pictures  that I could share with you.  Here is my week through my lens.

We love bread in this house,  each one has a particular type that they prefer.   I enjoy this loaf, it is an artisan ancient multigrain whole wheat variety.  It served as my muse for one of the challenge prompts this week..

Since the weather has been varying a lot this week, it has gone from cold and snowy to rainy and windy.  That has stopped us from venturing out.  So i have been having fun capturing my family at its most natural state.  Here is my daughter peeking on my husbands iPad searches...

Weekends are always busy for us, but i always try to make a little space in my agenda to breathe, and catch what is going on.  Here is my son and the baby while the rest of the family is not around ...

He actually smiled for me -no bribery needed-

Since my niece turned 8 this week, we gathered to enjoy some time together.  I always take this opportunities to snap a few pictures (180 to be exact),  these two are some of my favorites.

My sister and niece

Always have to photograph the birthday girl...  I took so many pictures, but i love this one so much, it is getting a scrapbook layout -coming soon-

My little niece 

Finally, since Toronto still is getting snow -in the middle of April- we are spending a lot of time indoors.  I kill my time by  crafting especially scrapbooking.  My choice is always to put on some Netflix on tv, and start a hand embroidery marathon on one of my scrapbook paper layouts...  

The magenta pops beautifully on this black and white background...

I hope you take the time to pick up your camera and capture your everyday, better yet check a photo-a-day challenge for some help on finding beauty on your everyday.

See you soon...

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