Apr 24, 2016

My Week in Pictures #16

My favorite picture of the week.

Hello everyone!

The last week of April is starting...  Time seriously is flying!  Here in Toronto, finally Spring is in full bloom, and the weather is cooperating with us.  As usual i have been busy running many errands and working on some projects for ScrapbookNerd.com, and coming to the blog soon.  However I have made time to capture a little snap of my every day.  So  here are my favorites of  the week.

As the weather is improving, my daily doggie walks are also getting longer.   My baby loves the walk, but he is more interested in finding sticks and trying to be friendly with all the strangers we find in the river path.

This is my view during the walks.

Part of longer walks is coming upon little brooks that feed the Humber river.  I love seeing how the leafs float by.  The top picture is my favorite, the sun caught the leaf, creating a cool effect. Here is another one of the shots.

Love the look of the dead leaves under the clear water.

And to close up my week, Soccer!  Yes, our weekends are full of soccer; and when you spent at least 5 days of the week with the same people, you tend to adopt them as part of your extended family.  Here is a picture of Vuc -one of the younger soccer siblings- watching the big boys play to win...

We always have gone as a family to all of our son's games;   my daughter is lucky to have a good friend to spend time with while the boys do their stuff.  These two have been  together since they were 7 and 6, and used to smile for the camera then.   Now they hide their faces when they see my lens come around...

my daughter is the one hiding from my  lens.

I hope that you have a great weekend, and take time to pick up your camera and take snapshots of your blessed life.

See you soon!

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