Jul 19, 2018

My Personal Journal - Week 26

Hello there!

How busy is your life?!  Well, though it may seem that my life is pretty standard, I gotta admit that the past few weeks -and still going- have been jam packed, and a bit stressing.   There are so many projects that i am working on, as well as having to organize my house to receive family from overseas YAY!!   I think that though I have documented my days, I have had a hard time photographing it all, and then there is the editing!   Well, I took some time today to go through 2 of the past weeks, there are still another week to edit, and this week.  So without further ado, i will give you a peak at some of the entries in my personal journal.

Most of the entries were created using kits and stamps from Citrus Twist Kits.   I love how versatile the kits are, and how easy they are to combine. Plus their exclusives and stamps are perfect for this format.

Besides the July Marker page, all the entries were created with kits from CTK....   As always having the option of going hybrid for some entries just helps with documenting at a faster rate.   But overall, i am so happy to continue to keep a daily journal, and add an entry a day.  I hope you too are taking a few minutes to document the little things.

Well, let's just say see you in a bit, as the next week is coming up in the next post.



  1. Happened across your creative page today - love your journals! So artistic, yet simple and clean. Am I missing a trick here?! How are you able to type on pages that are bound in a book?

    1. HI Christine... Thanks for stopping by... I usually unbind the notebook, so i can easily workw with a flat surface, and bind it back it again with some hand stitching once i am finished all my entries. In addition, I work a lot of my pages with some digital products (printables, digital stamps, etc.) -hybrid Scrapbooking- so i have set Photoshop to create a page the size of the TN, so i can easily add my journal before printing. Then I just cut the page, and glue it to my TN. Hope this helps a bit!