Jun 14, 2016

Crazy Love

Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial for Scrapbook Nerd  - Crazy Love -

A close up of the finished tutorial (title) in the layout.

Hello Everyone,

It is my week to contribute to Scrapbook Nerd  blog with a step by step tutorial.    I have a hard time showing clear pictures tutorials, since i scrapbook late at night, and i have to rely on taking photos of the procedure under poor light,  but I had to share this idea on how to add dimension to titles -that i used on two on my layouts this month-.

Let me show you how i came  about building this title:

1.  I used one of Ashley Horton's cut files to cut the title on white cardstock.  I made 4 cuts of this title at the same time  to ensure that they were all the same size.  You can create a similar result with alphas of thickers (as long as they are the same size, and preferably not to thick).

The title pieces before being stacked.

2.  One of the cut-outs was covered with Heidi Swapp's new MInc Reactive Mist, and set aside to completely dry.

3.  While the misted cut-out is drying,  i went ahead and glued two of the title cut-outs together (making sure that they are completely flushed).  Let it dry completely.

The cut-outs being stacked together.

4.  Using the MInc machine, on setting 3,  (you can use any laminator, I happen to use this brand) aply foil to the misted cut out.  

I wanted a distress look for the foil, and not a complete coverage of the cut-out.

5.  Attach the last title cut-out to the foil pieces with some strong glue, making sure the sides are completely flushed and the foil is sitting on the upper part of the cut out.

The foiled piece after being glued to the other cut-out.

6.  I attached the white cut-outs on top of the foiled cut-outs makingn sure that there was a small overlap, and a small part of the foiled cut out was showing.   Something like a shadow or a tri-dimentional object.  It is up to you whether you chose to glue the foiled piece at the top or bottom;  just make sure that there is that overlap to create the desired look.

Here is a close up of the finished title.

It is up to you to decide which look you want for your title (it can also be used for cut-outs, etc.), and decide on the look that suits your project.  There is no need to foil one of the pieces, a different color piece will also produce the same look.  If you are using thickers or alphas, there is no need to glue flushed pieces (as they are thick already), just go ahead and create the overlap with different color thickers/alphas.  Note: since the new piece will be heavier, make sure you use strong adhesive to attach it to the project.

Now back to the layout;  this time i chose to work backwards and start building the layout from the picture out.  So I used Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection to create lots of layers in a triangular form behind the picture.  This time, I used my ruler to tear paper, instead of clean cutting the pieces.

The layers behind the picture.

I used the rub-on stickers from the Better Together and Finders Keepers collections by rubbing them onto white cardstock and vellum and used them as ephemera around the picture.

I stuffed pieces of cut-outs in between the layers behind the picture.

I chose to create a grafitti like background just by dropping ink dots  (Heidi Swapp color shine in different colors to match the colors on the papers) on a piece of white card stock to form a triangle a little bit larger than the picture and its layers.

I wanted a graffitti feeling to the background to match the title look.

I attached the title next to the picture (at the very right tip of the ink triangle), and my journal lines just below the picture.  Here is the final layout:

I love the vibrancy of the layout, and how easy it was to construct.

I hope you try adding dimension to your pieces (in my case titles), let me know if you have any questions.   Until next time...

Happy crafting!!

Materials Used:
  • American Crafts White cardstock
  • Patterned paper, Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection
  • Stickers and Rub-ons, Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection
  • Rub-ons, Amy Tangerine's Finders Keepers collection
  • Washi tape, Amy Tangerine's Better Together collection.
  • Cut-file,  Crazy Love,  Hip Kit Club May 2015 Ashley Horton Designs.
  • MInc Reactive Mist
  • MInc Silver to Teal reflective foil
  • Heidi Swapp colorshine in gold, butter, mustard, pink, blush, peacock, mint, coral and navy.

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