May 23, 2016

Project Life Update (week 17, 18, 19)

PL  week 17, 18, 19

Hello everyone,  

It has been a while since my last update of my Project Life layouts.  Thankfully, I have been keeping up with the weekly entries, just haven't updated its progress on the blog.  So here goes a quick glimpse to what my PL album is looking like...

Week 17

I just added a few pictures of week 17 on a page, as the Saturday of this week, we celebrated my niece's First Communion, so i made a large 4 page spread of the celebration. 

One of the pages from my niece's Communion celebration

I loved using paper cut into 3x4 and 4x6 in. cards as  my fillers for all this section of the album.

The patterned paper comes from a Recollection collection...

I started week 18 with a simple page one page layout.  It was a slow week at home, so one page was enough to compile the week's anecdotes.

I chose to not label the week number as it was the beginning of May...

For Week 19,  I had to add a small insert to add the extra pictures of  the week, though it was  a normal week, we had visitors and I had my camera in hand at all times..

I kept the layout to black and white to balance all the color in the pictures.

Here is the second side of the layout

I found this Teresa Collins cards on sale, and bought 2 packs
which came in handy to tie in all the pictures on this spread.

I am working on weeks 20 at the moment, so I will update it ASAP.

I hope you are also capturing your life, but most importantly printing the pictures and documenting them...  It is important to safe keep memories alive.

Till next time,

See you soon!

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