Apr 17, 2016

My Week in pictures #15

It has been"magenta" week on my Capture Your 365 photo-a-day challenge..

Hello everyone!

it has been a rather super busy week and weekend in my household.  There has been renovations, appointments, shopping,games, and family visits all in a week.  Through it all, I always carried my camera with me -to the dismay of my kids-, so that i can capture a glimpse of the moment that rapidly gets written in our memories.  Take a look at the highlights of my week.

As always, i had to photograph food in some way this week.  A simple onion serve as my muse for the layer prompt of my photo-a-day challenge.  It takes a second to elevate the ordinary into extraordinary.

My kids are growing into teenagers, and slowly we are becoming less of a parent and more of a friend at times.  My Gabi now is able to express her desires, needs and wants;  so shopping is a way to bond and spar at the same time.  Here she is showing her latest purchase.

As always my little ones (niece, nephew and fur baby) provide plenty of opportunities to capture the moment. I enjoy capturing and later documenting the pictures .  Here is the littlest member of our family with his cousin. They love each other.

As soon as my nephew arrives, my baby follows him everywhere

One of the reasons for my sister's visit was to take my niece to the photo studio for Communion portraits. I sneak my camera to capture some of the poses, but the candid pictures at home were so much nicer and natural.

She looks beautiful and peaceful in this pose

Sadly we had to leave my mom with the visits as my son is wrapping up his indoors soccer season, and we have been at back to back games the entire weekend.  It is amazing to see his development through my lens..

Josh playing soccer at Wild Water Kingdom

What better way to close the week than with a beautiful sunset.  Though there are no beaches or landscape,  there are perks on being in the road (coming home from a soccer game) while the sun is setting in the city.

I hope you are also taking the time to enjoy the little moments life has to offer.  Sometimes the snapshot of your life seems insignificant, but with time it becomes a  cherished memory.

Enjoy your week. 

See you soon...

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