Nov 3, 2023


 We are so close to celebrating Halloween once again!  I am sure that many of you are getting your costumes ready for the day, just like my cousin's doggie!   Though, we bought the costume here in Canada, it had to travel all the way to Ecuador.  As soon as I got the pictures of the fitting, I had this idea for  a new project featuring the beautiful SWEET & SPOOKY collection.

The starting point for this page was the Taffy Stripe paper.  I just saw the stripes as a fun way to create a banner for my page.

I cut 2 strips of 1.5in, then cut each color section out - the little pieces looked like small squares-.  I then, used a pair of scissors to round one of the edges. Using a thin chopstick, I curled the straight edge of each paper, then using liquid glue attached the rolled edge to Beetle Chunky Doodle Twine.  I alternated the a and b sides in the formation of the banner.

I glued the banners to the top lilac textured cardstock, making sure they draped from the top of the page.   This paper was then framed with Candy Sticks paper.

I used stickers and Doodle Pops to add a bit of interest to the banners that were of a solid color.   Once the banners were set on place, I added a few sprinkles for pops  of shine throughout the banner.

I cut a few pieces of paper to create side banners at the bottom of the page.  This was a perfect way to anchor my photos to the layout, plus provided space for my title work. and extra embellishments.   I just love combining stickers, Doodle Pops, and Chit Chat for this.

A few extra stickers and gems complete the page.   I hope this inspires you to get your Halloween memories documented with the SWEET & SPOOKY Collection



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Sweet & Spooky collection


Doodle  Pops

Chunky Doodle Twine

Textured Cardstock

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