Jul 5, 2021

HAPPY LIFE - Simple Stories


Hello crafty friends!

Nathalie with you today to bring you a bit of inspiration featuring the new Simple Vintage Lemon Twist collection.  The color palette in this collection is probably one of my favorites, and the designs are just dreamy that it made today's project a breeze to put together.

As always, I am drawn to the chipboard frames, and that was the starting point for my page.   Once I added my photos, it was all about finding the best way to make the frame the focal point of the page.     So, I -literally- placed the 4x6 elements paper at an angle pointing to the frame, then used the 4x4 elements paper as the background for the page.

I added a bit of washi tape to under the angled paper, so that some of the color would peek from the ruffled edge of the paper.  Next, I glued the frame in place, and used a sample of all the embellishments in the collection to create two clusters at the sides of the frame.

The foam stickers are always my go-to for creating titles in my pages. I simply combine two of  them to create the title, then added the cardstock sticker as a sentiment under the title.

The butterflies in this collection are gorgeous, and the perfect embellishment to bring the page together.   I placed  a few of them around the clusters, then decided to  add a few more as if they are flying from the photo frame to the top of the page.  A bit of hand stitching helps to tie them to the page.

I love how this came together in a short amount of time.  The new Simple Vintage Lemon Twist collection is just perfect for your memories!



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