Mar 24, 2018

You Are The Best

Junque Journal Entry for Vicki Boutin DT  - YOU ARE THE BEST -

Hello friends and fans!   Nathalie with you today to bring you a bit of inspiration using one of the most addictive little books,  my Junque Journal.   This time I combined this format with a bit of the new watercolor set to create a colorful double spread for my journal.

Have I mentioned I love watercolor, and cannot get enough of  the new watercolor set and brushes.   These two are the ideal for creating those beautiful and rainbow-like backgrounds, and that was the inspiration for this page.

For this entry, I pulled two pages of the watercolor paper inserts for the junque journal. And then added pea size (or smaller) amounts of watercolor in rainbow colors to a palette (this one has a lid, and was purchased at my local Dollar store).   I made sure to add some water to each color so that they would not dry on the palette. 

To create the  background, I just started adding color to the page along with some water, so that the color will disperser on the page.  My idea was to have the colors mingle at the edges thus creating a true soft watercolor.

Once the rainbow was created on the pages,  I left it aside to dry completely, and started to work on the embellishments for this page.

The circle stamp and die set from the latest release were used to cut circles from different papers from the 12x12 and 7x10 paper pads.   I wanted to add a rainbow of color to the page using the collection papers.

Before gluing the papers together, I used the starburst circle, and gold ink to add a bit of extra interest to the background.     The circles were glued to the page with glue and foam adhesive -this will help with adding dimension and interest to the page.

I chose to add my picture on the cool side of the project.  Just a few extra decorations is all that it is needed to bring the eye of the viewer to the picture featured in this page.

As I moved onto the second page of the spread, the circles were placed and cut so that they are symmetrical on both  pages.  I continued adding some of  the stamped images and the circles until I had exhausted all the colors of the rainbow.

Now to decorate the page, I chose to color block the decorations.   In some cases, the paper clips were trimmed so that they could be used as ephemera, and then in between some of the circles.  The rest of the décor comes from the watercolor stickers pages.   I simply placed them on the page, and then used one the water brushes and the left over watercolor in the palette to add the respective color to the sticker.

The title was the last thing added to this page.  And then once again, I reached for one of the Watercolor stickers, and the palette to match the color of the title to the page.   
Can I say that I love how this page came out!!, and that it inspired the next post (available on my blog).

My little junque journal is slowly becoming colorful, and the perfect place to practice some techniques in a smaller scale before putting them to work on my scrapbook pages.   Here is video that shows you a more in depth look on how these pages were put together.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to check Vicki’s All the Good Things for all the materials used in this post.  Each medium, paper and embellishment are so easy to work with, and create one of a kind projects.

Materials used:
All the Good Things collection :
12x12 and 7x10 paper pads
Watercolor stickers
On the Edge embellishments
Finishing Touch embellishments
Junque Journal
Junque Journal inserts – watercolor
Rotary stamp

Mixed Media mediums:
Watercolor set
Paint brush set
Water brushes
Stamp  and Die set – circles

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