Jan 29, 2018


Hi there!

It is looking a lot like February is about to arrive!   I hope you are taking the time to document your everyday or special moments in your life.  Tell your story as only you can!

Here are my entries from the past week:

I am using my Citrus Twist Kits PL and main kits as well as their lovely stamps to create most of the entries in these pages.

I am trying to keep up with an entry a day.  I simply print the picture, and write my journal of the day, and wait for the next day to embellish the pages, so that they coordinate, or chose to create an entire layout for each day!

I hope this inspires you to start documenting your life.  Remember to contact me with any questions.

see you all next week!

1 comment:

  1. The entry you made about your son's haircut brought tears to my eyes! My grandson is graduating from high school this May and I also remember taking him to get a haircut and him sitting on the little stool in the chair! He's now 6'2" and can pick me up like I am a rag doll! LOL A very touching entry!