May 10, 2016

Best Friends

Scrapbook Tutorial for Scrapbook Nerd  - Best Friends -

This layout plays the idea of a storybook within the page.

Hello everyone!

I am excited to share the process of how i constructed this layout.  The inspiration came from  one of the classes I took at Big Picture Classes on interactive scrapbooking.  Here is how I created my version.

For this layout, you will need at least 4-5 different patterned papers,  2 sheets of cardstock, a large piece of twine/ribbon/yarn, embelishments, a hot glue gun, and two or  more pictures - one has to be matted into a 4x6 in cardstock, the other pictures can be any size as with a height of less than 4 inches.

1.  Trim your cardstock to a square of 11x11 in.  Using the hot glue, attach the page to a 12x12 in patterned paper, making sure that the cardststock is well attached to the backing page.

I used a lot of glue in the center of the page where most
of the weight will be placed.

2.  Cut a large strip of cardstock of 12x4 in.  Mark the center of the strip (at 6in), and proceed to fold it using a bone folder.

The strip of paper after folding.

3.  Cut a piece of patterned paper or color cardstock to measure 4x6 in.  You can use paper that works with the smaller picture you will be using.

I have trimmed a 6x6in sheet to 4x6 in.

4.  Glue the 4x6 in patterned paper to one of the sides of the inside of the folded strip.  It is better if you place the paper on what will be the right side of the open strip.

A closer look of the folded cardstock strip after the paper has been glued in.

5.  Go ahead and place the smaller picture on the patterned paper side of the strip.  You can add any stickers, cut outs. etc to this picture as long as it does not add too much height and dimension to the page.

I have added a heart tag to the left side of the picture with a chipboard sticker.
For some added interest i added word sticker phrases to the picture.

6.  The opposite side of the strip (adjacent to the picture) is where your lines of journal will be placed.  I have chosen to write mine directly to the cardstock, but a large Project Life card can also be used, if you chose to do so.

This is a great way to hide journal lines, or to add extra details on the pictures.

7.   Attach the twine to the outside of the folded strip.  Use washi tape to make sure that the string/ twine/ rope/yarn does stay in place.

I have chosen to use suede ribbon as my attaching twine.

8.  Now, attach the large picture to the front of the folded strip.  Do use hot glue, as you want to make sure it does not move, and as a way to secure the string.   The picture should sit flush on the folded flap, so that you can hide the edges of the folded strip.

The picture covers the folded strip and string.

9.   Use different papers to create layers for the little storybook.  I always attach my layers with staples,  i find they lend dimension to the piece.

I attached the storybook using hot glue to ensure that it won't move from the layers.

10.  I wanted to add just a few points of interest to the layout - I wanted to keep the storybook as the center of attention of the page-;  i used a heart cutout to trace  a few on the cardstock of the layout.  I punctured holes  along the edge of the traced heart, so I can use them as a guide for my handstitching.

I chose to place the hearts on the edges of the title words.

11.  I used hot glue to attach the layered story book to the layout.  I picked some large word foam stickers to form the title. and added a few pieces of ephemera around the page.

The final layout.

Here is a look at the layout with the open storybook

A look of the layout with the open storybook

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and try this for some of your pictures.

See you soon!!

Materials Used:
Patterned paper,  Felicity Collection, Pink Fresh Studio
White cardstock, American Crafts
Foam Word Stickers,  Felicity Collection, Pink Fresh Studio
Suede String,  Recollection. Michael's
Chipboard sticker, Friend Favorite Collection,  MAMBI
Wood Veneer, Felicity Collection, Pink Fresh Studio
Word phrase stickers,  Felicity Collection, Pink Fresh Studio

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