Feb 7, 2016

Planner Love

A Newly Discovered Obsession:  My Happy Planner

For many years, I have kept all my schedules, appointments, dates, etc.  in my phone's calendar.  I love that it reminds me of things to come and it never fails.  However, as i started the Capture your 365 Challenge (photo a day project), i started to keep track of the camera settings, and adding a bit of journal to why, who, what, where and when of each picture.  My daughter suggested I keep a diary, or try a planner (as she has been keeping a memory planner/journal for a few years), so after some research i opted for Mambi's "The Happy Planner".  I Love It, now!!.

A look at the set-up for the second week of January 2016

The Happy Planner allows for  space to add pictures, create mini scrapbook layouts, it gives flexibility when personalizing it, i could go on.  Due to my love for paper crafts, there is a lot of stickers, paper, washi tape at hand at all times,  but i am trying to keep it rather simple and concise.

A Dashboard is created every month, and it is moved from week to week.

I use different media to create variety in my body of art work, and my planner is no exception.  There are weeks, i attach the pictures to the pages, and others I create pocket pages within the planner.  The Simple Stories Snap pocket page (2x2 pockets) works perfect for the planner, all i have to do, is punch the extra holes and cut the little slits so it can fit in the planner's disks.

A look at the Pocket page for the weeks of January 18-31st.

Every new month, i try to customize the month's tab page according to the upcoming holidays or birthdays, or just to give a different feeling for the month.  

My February 2016  tab page.  The cut file comes from the Silhouette store.

Here is a look at how i try to continue the month's theme throughout my weekly planner spreads.

The spread was a week in advance,  annotations are added each day.

I will post pictures of my planner once in a while, so  you can see how it evolves...

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