Feb 8, 2016

My Week in Pictures #5

The prompt called for delicate and smooth.

Following a Photo-A-Day challenge like Capture Your 365 can be challenging, and very rewarding at the same time.  It makes you take a second look at your every-day, and -if followed sequentially- can provide you with a beautiful body of work... Most of these pictures are from my IG feed, and personal use.

Food Photography is one of my favorites.  Here, the making of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Some days, finding inspiration comes from the mundane, but there is always beauty to be found...

My son's t-shirt drawer.  All shirts are folded using the Mari Kondo Method.

This one will soon be featured in one of my scrapbook layouts.  It is one of my favorite pictures so far.

This picture describes my son's passion for soccer.

And finally,  following daily prompts forces you to go in front of the lens - i am still not completely comfortable with this, but i am slowly getting there-

Part of my Sunday routine, setting up my planner for the upcoming week.

I would highly recommend you look into any photo-a-day challenge if you are interested in improving your photography.  Personally, i am enjoying Capture Your 365 this year.  It is slowly making me look at my every day in a beautiful way, and my photography skills have improved vastly since I started a few months ago.

I hope this give you a glance at last week,  I look  forward to see what my lens will catch the next seven days.

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