Feb 22, 2016

My Week in Pictures #7

My love for chocolate is well known at home.  So it is no surprise it makes an
appearance on my pictures.

Hello everyone,

Another week has just flown by, and many more memories have been captured and documented.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots of my week...

Toronto was blanketed with 
a bit of snow this week...
Using the whiteness of the
snow created a striking contrast 
to my morning snack.

Capturing life is not about using
your BIG camera all the time.  
It is about using whatever is at-hand 
to capture the moment and feel... 
 Here a sample of phone photography
 -i wouldn't have been able to play in the fresh 
snow, and capture the moment with
the big camera, so my friendly
Samsung S5's camera worked perfectly-

Being at stay-at-home wife/mom has its pros and cons. One of the pros is being able to photograph my daily activities and my surroundings without time constraints... This leads into candid shots of your loved ones..

He is my loyal companion through the daily routine,  so he is a prominent
feature in my photography.

Finally,   one of the best pictures of the year so far - I have already flagged it on this year's catalog-.  This picture came from an outtake in between shooting for my Capture Your 365 challenge.  I was trying to catch my daughter playing with the dog.  Instead, my camera caught the demonstration of love and trust between them...

Having the picture processed to black and white leads your
eyes to the focus of the shot..

I hope you pick up your camera -whatever you have at-hand, and start capturing your everyday.  It will surprise you, what a single shot can capture.  See you soon...

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