Feb 15, 2016

My Week In Pictures # 6

My babies enjoying our  homemade Valentine's Day treat .

I hope you all enjoyed a love-full  Valentine's Day!...  It seems, looking back through my week of pictures, that all my pictures last week depicted either my most beloved subjects or most hated chores..

Here is my response to a dreaded
chore, I think is clear enough,
sweeping is at top of the list.

My kids are my most favorite subjects to capture.
Sometimes, I have to bribe them into being part
of the picture; other times (as long as their faces
are not showing) they are willing subjects.  Here even the baby was willing to put his best paw forward.

Having the camera always at hand, ensures that spontaneous moments can be captured forever...

He is her most beloved present.  He is our baby

And to cap  the week off, a few of our Valentine's Day favorites:

My babies in their onesies...

And finally our official Valentine's Day shot:

My husband and I, captured by my daughter...

Remember to pick your camera (it doesn't matter whether is fancy or just the one in your phone) to capture your everyday.  It is satisfying to go back and look at little moments of your life in technicolor.  Enjoy...

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