Apr 20, 2018

My Personal Journal - Week 15

Hi back!

There are so many small little things happenning every day, and sometimes they combine and affect your daily routines.  To say the least, this week we had to deal with some family emergencies, and life.  These meant that the entries were kept simple so that they can easily be added to my tN.

Here are some of this week's highlights:

Still created these pages using mostly Citrus Twist Kits PL and Studio Calico kits.   Most digital stamps and elements come from Ali Edwards and Citrus Twist Kits.

I don't know if you were affected by this week's weather,  but around here it dictated how we spent our weekend, so what better way than to document it

well that is it for me, for now!  Hopefully things begin to settle, and I won't take long to share some of the entries with you all.

remember to document your every days!

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