Mar 13, 2016

My Week In Pictures #10

The view from our balcony... Toronto at night

Hello Everyone,

It is time to highlight the best pictures of the week.  Since this week was personal week in the Capture Your 365 photo-a-day challenge,  most of the pictures this week reflect a side of me.

Gaining confidence with the camera  helps a lot when you are a self-critic.  Knowing how to work the light and process the picture give you a sense of confidence to stand in front of a mirror.

Sometimes considering angles allows you to compose a picture that depicts one of your favourite things as well as your mood for the day.   Here are my favorite boots...

Taking a  self portrait a day for a week, makes you find inventive ways to show yourself and all the world around you.   Like  when you are embarking in a better-diet mission...

There is no need to show my face to present the action.

or working on a daily chore...

and/or enjoying a good book in your leisure time

Photography can easily capture those fleeting glimpses of the mundane that sometimes we all forget...

I hope that you are a bit inspired to pick up your camera and go out and capture your life.

See you soon...

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